First Post

Feels like ages ago I started to think about doing something a bit different for my Birthday. I thought it would be easy to set up and get going but I guess any good idea takes a while to get where am I at?

1. I turn 30 in 58days so I need to be up and blogging by then – this is the first of many!!

2. It’s nice to be back on WordPress because I lost (AKA forgot) the password – whoops!!

3. I’ve moved house (see below) and don’t have Internet until August so updates will be initially slow but will pick up..think my 3G bill could be massive.

4. I am raising money via a registered charity for tax purposes. This still needs set up so no money yet please!!

5. I need to think of my first plan to raise money-so far I am thinking of putting together a ‘Kickstarter’ campaign with help from a few friends who I think owe me a favour..ha ha!!

6. I need to get on and do it and not be distracted by all the cool and expensive stuff I want…Mulberry, Camera, Apple Laptop, Bike…blah…blah…blah…

Yes, I’m still normal – but I need to do this. I was there, I spoke to the teachers, I played with the kids, I know the impact that an extra classroom could have and I have to keep remembering that.


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