Wedding Favours


I love weddings..the dress, the vows, the food, the cake, the wine and of course the dancing!!

I hadn’t really thought that Projecthirty would ever feature at a wedding – however I was wrong! After launching the website one if my oldest family friends (Dawn Shore) contacted me with the genius idea of making a donation to Projecthirty as her wedding favours – clever!

This was a no brainer for me and actually really easy to do! So she made a donation on my Virgin Money Fundraising page and I sent her the logo and a short message for her guests. Although I’d have loved to make the favour cards for her the best part was that the lady who was doing all the stationary would make them so that they would match the theme – brilliant!!

So, not only will she have a beautiful wedding day, a gorgeous groom and an awesome party, she’ll also have helped hundreds, maybe eventually thousands of children have a better education.

On that note, massive thanks to the future Mr&Mrs Garden for both the donation and the inspiration. I hope one day you will be able to come to Kenya and see the impact for yourselves.

If you fancy having Projecthirty favours on your special day then just give me a shout.

Much love x

(since love is in the air after all!)

PS This is a photo of my wedding-just wanted to reminisce!!


Yeah yeah, I love a party – even in a wedding dress!!


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