News from Kwa Njenga


It was great to receive an email today from the Head Teacher at Kwa Njenga Primary. Her name is Cyprine and she is one if the most amazing people I have ever met. I’m delighted to now be in regular contact with her to receive updates on the school. It reminded me again of the troubles that they face and even sitting here right now with everything i need; food, clothes, water etc, genuinely makes giving up one Birthday nothing in comparison. I decided to also look back through my photos. For those of you who didn’t follow my trip this is Kwa Njenga Slum..

And these are a couple if the kids making their way to school.


When I first met Cyprine she spoke of the problems the school face and indeed the children. Yet, she was very much like every other teacher I know; passionate, caring and dedicated. I remember taking this photograph on the way in to see her and being so impressed at her high standards and expectations of these children.


During lunch break I went for a look at one if the Early Years classrooms – this one for me stood out as the teacher had worked really hard to put things up on the walls and make it look as much like a classroom as possible.

My classroom..


This comparison for me is really hard.

So today I wrote out a list of what i would have liked for my Birthday..

Cath Kidston
Herve Leger
Blah blah blah blah..

Instead I have written a letter/email to them all looking for an item that I can auction to raise money.

This is where I’d appreciate your help..

1. If you know someone who might donate something then if you could give then a shout for me that’d be fab.

2. Tweet those companies on my Birthday list..the more annoying tweets and reminders they get about helping the better!

3. Keep sharing the story.

3 days to go..

Much love as always x

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2 thoughts on “News from Kwa Njenga

  1. I’d be happy to donate any of my treatments or essences to your auction.

    • corrinacampbell

      Dear Muriel
      Thank you so much for offering to make a donation to Projecthirty. I am planning an online auction around October/December so it would be great to have something from you to auction. My email address and if you could contact me directly about anything you would be willing to offer I would be very grateful.


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