The Grand Master Plan


It's been about 12 days since I turned 30. Although my Birthday was a bit of an anticlimax, it's fun (and a little daunting!) now thinking about how I am going to raise money.

Last time I checked I had raised about £1300, which leaves a grand total of £28,700 – yikes!

So I need to come up with a timeline plan and get my thoughts on iPaper…

September – thinking cap on

October – launch online auction to close November for those looking for bargain gifts for Christmas! Possible team hillwalking event in October Holidays (Ben Nevis?)

November – auction closes, Christmas cards available for sale.

December – Fundraising pack launched. This will be available for any of you who would like to raise money for Projecthirty – I'd love your help! The pack will include tshirts, stickers and leaflets. You can use these to hold any event, coffee morning, come dine with me, running event etc etc.

January – recover after Christmas. Film Kickstarter video.

February – event organised by super sister Mairi possibly with fancy makeup company (Edinburgh)???

March – Invitations sent out for the PROJECTHIRTY fundraising ceilidh.

April – Hillwalking/running team event – West Highland Way??


June – end of term at school, PROJECTHIRTY rest month – phew!

July – Summer Holidays!! Small event – need to work on super sis to help with this!

August – Jog Scotland 5k


September – DEADLINE!! PROJECTHIRTY ceilidh in Edinburgh.

October – visit to Kenya to see the work getting started!

It doesn’t take a genius to see that although all these events will raise significant funds it won’t be close to £30,000. That’s because I can’t do this on my own, I need you to help by running your own event, getting your friends involved and all taking part. I have already been amazed by the number of people who have donated but I can’t keep asking the same people for money.

If you would like to hold a PROJECTHIRTY event then just let me know – whether that’s wedding favours, an event, a coffee morning, a come dine with me, Christmas cards – ANYTHING!

I am hoping to visit the school in October and I would love it if you wanted to come too and see the impact of your fundraising to these children – I promise it will be one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences you will ever have.


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