“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Henry Stanley Haskins

After what I can only describe as a tricky few months I am delighted to be back on my fundraising campaigne…just over 9 months to go! Although my efforts were recently halted, PROJECTHIRTY has always been in my mind as my friends, colleagues and family step up to help me, and ultimately Kwa Njenga Primary School. This is the best way to help, and so as I share the following stories I hope that you too will be inspired and join us in helping Kwa Njenga, in anyway you can!



I love this wee guy! Meet my pal Rory, who is 4 years old. He has decided to help me raise money for PROJECTHIRTY by trying to walk as many Scottish hills as he can before starting school in August. This little legend is now on his his 12th hill and still going strong, even as the Winter months approach! I had the pleasure of joining him on his first challenge..conquering North Berwick Law, and we even had hot chocolate and donuts at the top-amazing! He has also set up a fundraising page which will link with PROJECTHIRTY with the help of Blythswood – it’s really easy and anyone can do it! But, in the meantime hands together for this inspirational kid!
Thanks Rory, you are a star.


This year my school’s pupil council had the difficult job of selecting a charity to support throughout the year through fundraising ventures and events. One of the charity’s selected was PROJECTHIRTY – hooray! (Please note PROJECTHIRTY is technically not a charity but a fundraising campaign, as my husband regularly reminds me, so in this instance it is fundraising for a fundraiser-charity is just easier to understand!)

Having spoken to the children at assembly about life at Kwa Njenga Primary the kids decided to hold a Christmas Cake and Candy sale which takes place to follow! So simple, great fun and a super way to raise money!


Although my PROJECTHIRTY Christmas cards unfortunately never made it to the printers (it really has been a bad few months) that hasn’t stopped friends getting behind the project with several opting to not send Christmas Cards this year and make a donation instead..easy peasy! Thanks everyone 🙂

Donations have also come from leftover drink kitty money! I was very impressed it wasn’t spent (they must have been pretty sloshed to have money that they didn’t want to spend-ha ha!!) and that PROJECTHIRTY was deemed the right place for it to go! Cheers guys.

If you’d like to get involved..bake a cake, host a dinner, run a race, hold an event, make a anything, then just give me a shout!

Much love, cor x


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