The best laid plans..

It’s been a while since I started Projecthirty and, as with most things in life, it hasn’t necessarily gone to plan! I had all my great fundraising ideas in place along with bags of energy and enthusiasm for the project…then all of that changed.

There was a baby on the way!


So the last few months have primarily consisted of work, eat (or at least attempt to!) and sleep…and generally grow a little larger every day!!


Baby Campbell arrived 3 weeks ago and while I’m limited to what I can do for the next few weeks it’s time to get Projecthirty back on track!


Will I manage to reach the goal of £30,000 within my 30th year?? Possibly not but I am still willing to give it my best shot and raise as much as I can..or even continue to raise money into my 31st year. Kwa Njenga Primary School still needs help and that’s what I set out to do. plan!

1. Get my head out of the clouds!
2. Attempt to still run in the Jog Scotland running event.
3. Recruit others to run with me and help raise money too!!

…and that’s it for now! A realistic goal for the time being!

Finally, I want to give massive thanks to my wee pal Rory who, at only 4 years old has been tirelessly climbing hills to help me raise money before he starts school in August.


To follow his adventure see his blog..

..and if you’d like to help Kwa Njenga Primary then please get in touch…I’d love any ideas/support.


PS Blogging will now take place in the middle of the night..ha ha!

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