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Christmas is coming…

I know I know, it’s still November but with that John Lewis advert getting me every time it’s hard to not get into the spirit of Christmas slightly early!


Those penguins are just too cute!!

So, following the ‘success’ of ‘Colour Me Rad’…



(Success does not include the excruciating pain I was in for weeks after the race…turns out having a baby does reduce fitness and general athletic ability..who’d have thought!?)

I have decided that the next PROJECTHRITY challenge is going to be to take part in the famous EDINBURGH SANTA RUN! This means I can walk not run, take the little one with me (pretty sure I can turn a buggy into a sleigh!) and more importantly..dress up!


While the run is associated with the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’, another really worthwhile cause, I am going to be taking sponsorship for PROJECTHIRTY. If you wish to join Team P30 just give me a shout. The race is on Sunday 14th and any sponsorship can be added to the online Virgin Giving Account or alternatively offline. Or if you want come run with us but for you’re own special cause that would also be awesome..the more Santas the better-ha ha! Check out the following link for more details about the race.

I am also looking forward to attending The Compass School Christmas Fair, hosted by F1, F2 and F3, who have chosen to support PROJECTHIRTY after a super fundraising effort last year with the Pupil Council Cake Sale. Great to be receiving so much support 🙂

It’s hard to believe how quickly a year has passed (yes, I am now 31 but don’t tell anyone!) but looking back through old photos of Kwa Njenga has reminded me of the importance of this fundraising project. I was asked personally for help by staff and it is important to me that I try and do what I can. However, while I’d love to remain 30 forever, this fundraising campaign will come to an end September 2015 when all money raised (hopefully enough for a classroom which is £10,000 approx) will go to the school.


The school is in such desperate need, especially as numbers continue to increase so I am confident in the knowledge that whatever is raised will make a massive difference. It can be tough giving up presents, finding time to raise money and think of ideas to make money but knowing the difference that even a little can make is certainly what keeps me going.





Onwards and upwards…

Much love always x

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The Cordiner Wedding


Marion Jones is one of my oldest and closest friends. She is one of a kind..beautiful, caring, funny, thoughtful…the list could go on! Even the fact that she still puts up with me (after our first meeting aged 4 at Nursery!) is to her credit! However..she may well disown me when she sees the pictures I’ve posted!!


Interestingly I also met Dave aged 4 at Nursery..and now I feel honoured to be there on their wedding day.


I am really grateful to Marion and Dave for supporting me with Projecthirty by making a donation to help my fundraising campaign as their wedding favours. They also supported Highland Hospice-another cause also close to my heart.


It was a wonderful day and Marion looked absolutely stunning (Dave looked pretty hot too!)

Congrats Mr&Mrs Cordiner and thanks again!

Much love xx


PS If you’d like Projecthirty wedding favours then just let me know. All money raised will go to Kwa Njenga Primary School to build an additional classroom and help them educate the growing numbers of children that are now attending.

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