The Great Santa Run


If you ever want to take part in a race that is not only GREAT fun but also for a GREAT cause then look no further than THE GREAT SANTA RUN! (Edinburgh).


Held to primarily raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation ( The Great Santa Run accommodates for young/old, running/walker and those just wanting a laugh and a nice picture for the front of a Christmas Card!

For me this race ticks all the boxes…
1. Fancy Dress ✔️
2. Fitness ✔️
3. Fun ✔️

With the option of a 5k or 2k we opted for the slightly shorter route due to a tearful baby and a Bah Humbug Husband.


However, I’m not often deterred so I took my role as a Santa Runner pretty seriously….


and then made it onto the STV News website…


..and then featured in this week’s Evening News!!


A cold but fun day for a great cause.

Thanks to all those who sponsored TEAM PROJECTHIRTY.

Much appreciated.


That’s it for my fundraising efforts until next year. In the pipeline…

– The Where’s Wally Race (in London but can be organised for Edinburgh!)

– The Electric Run (coming to Burgh soon!)

– The FIRST EVER PROJECTHIRTY Children’s book! (Yes I’m excited about this!)

…and anything else that pops up!!

I’m only fundraising until September so 9 months to go. Then ALL money raised will go to Kwa Njenga Primary School.

If you’d like to help Kwa Njenga with PROJECTHRITY then get in touch.

Would love your support.

See you next year x


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