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Bespoke Valentine’s Day Cards

Handmade, bespoke PROJECTHIRTY Valentine’s Cards…


Made by me…ta-dah!!

Want to get your hands on one for your Valentine?

Here’s the deal..

1. Ping me an email at


2. Decide if you want your card to come to you or if you want it sent direct to your Valentine and provide the name and address. If sending abroad please get in touch ASAP.

3. Choose a song lyric that is special to you and your Valentine. As these cards are handmade the musical heart can be made smaller if the lyric is slightly longer. I’ll be in touch if I’m worried about the length. I can also put a name on the front if you wish.


4. If you want a personalised message inside just let me know, if not it will just say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.


5. Make a donation (minimum of £4) to PROJECTHIRTY via the link below. Please reference donation as ‘Valentine’.

6. Once donation is made I’ll pop your card in the post 👍

I am hoping to sell THIRTY as this will generate a minimum of £120 for PROJECTHIRTY. Please note that on the back of the card you’ll see the PROJECTHIRTY logo and website.


Any questions just ask 🙂

Much love this Valentine’s xx


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The Great Santa Run


If you ever want to take part in a race that is not only GREAT fun but also for a GREAT cause then look no further than THE GREAT SANTA RUN! (Edinburgh).


Held to primarily raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation ( The Great Santa Run accommodates for young/old, running/walker and those just wanting a laugh and a nice picture for the front of a Christmas Card!

For me this race ticks all the boxes…
1. Fancy Dress ✔️
2. Fitness ✔️
3. Fun ✔️

With the option of a 5k or 2k we opted for the slightly shorter route due to a tearful baby and a Bah Humbug Husband.


However, I’m not often deterred so I took my role as a Santa Runner pretty seriously….


and then made it onto the STV News website…


..and then featured in this week’s Evening News!!


A cold but fun day for a great cause.

Thanks to all those who sponsored TEAM PROJECTHIRTY.

Much appreciated.


That’s it for my fundraising efforts until next year. In the pipeline…

– The Where’s Wally Race (in London but can be organised for Edinburgh!)

– The Electric Run (coming to Burgh soon!)

– The FIRST EVER PROJECTHIRTY Children’s book! (Yes I’m excited about this!)

…and anything else that pops up!!

I’m only fundraising until September so 9 months to go. Then ALL money raised will go to Kwa Njenga Primary School.

If you’d like to help Kwa Njenga with PROJECTHRITY then get in touch.

Would love your support.

See you next year x


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I knew that The Compass School were brilliant at fundraising but I never expected for one minute that £700 would be the grand total for PROJECTHIRTY following the Christmas Fair.

Yes…£700!!! Incredible.

I want to say a massive thank you to all the staff, parents and pupils of The Compass School for their continued support of PROJECTHIRTY and I look forward to sharing with them how the money has been used to help Kwa Njenga Primary School.

Here are a few more snaps from the Fair..





If you would like to find out more information about The Compass School please see link below..

Next Sunday (14th Dec) Team PROJECTHRITY will be taking part in the Santa Run in Edinburgh, see online fundraising link below..

If you would like to take part or indeed hold your own fundraising event to help Kwa Njenga Primary school then please get in touch.

Coming soon…The first PROJECTHIRTY Children’s book…watch this space…

Much love and Christmas cheer xx


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The Compass School Christmas Fair

When Mrs Jenkinson contacted me to say that Forms 1,2 and 3 wanted to help me raise money for Projecthirty I was extremely grateful. However, having attended the Fair today I was blown away, not only the hard work and dedication of the boys and girls but the generosity of all those who attended.

From Christmas Cards, to reindeer dust, home baking, goodie bags, bobbles, competitions (I thought there were 150 sweeties in the jar!) and so much more.






It’s hard to believe that the children behind this are pre-school, primary one and primary two!

Even more impressive was the Christmas jumpers worn by the whole school in support of the Christmas Fair and Projecthirty. It was also a great reason for me to find a cute Christmas jumper for the occasion.


I am looking forward to hearing the grand total on Monday – apparently to be announced at Assembly..I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you Compass School.

If your school would like to help Kwa Njenga Primary School via Projecthirty just drop me a message…especially if there will be home baking 🙂 ha ha!

Much love and Christmas cheer!


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Christmas is coming…

I know I know, it’s still November but with that John Lewis advert getting me every time it’s hard to not get into the spirit of Christmas slightly early!


Those penguins are just too cute!!

So, following the ‘success’ of ‘Colour Me Rad’…



(Success does not include the excruciating pain I was in for weeks after the race…turns out having a baby does reduce fitness and general athletic ability..who’d have thought!?)

I have decided that the next PROJECTHRITY challenge is going to be to take part in the famous EDINBURGH SANTA RUN! This means I can walk not run, take the little one with me (pretty sure I can turn a buggy into a sleigh!) and more importantly..dress up!


While the run is associated with the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’, another really worthwhile cause, I am going to be taking sponsorship for PROJECTHIRTY. If you wish to join Team P30 just give me a shout. The race is on Sunday 14th and any sponsorship can be added to the online Virgin Giving Account or alternatively offline. Or if you want come run with us but for you’re own special cause that would also be awesome..the more Santas the better-ha ha! Check out the following link for more details about the race.

I am also looking forward to attending The Compass School Christmas Fair, hosted by F1, F2 and F3, who have chosen to support PROJECTHIRTY after a super fundraising effort last year with the Pupil Council Cake Sale. Great to be receiving so much support 🙂

It’s hard to believe how quickly a year has passed (yes, I am now 31 but don’t tell anyone!) but looking back through old photos of Kwa Njenga has reminded me of the importance of this fundraising project. I was asked personally for help by staff and it is important to me that I try and do what I can. However, while I’d love to remain 30 forever, this fundraising campaign will come to an end September 2015 when all money raised (hopefully enough for a classroom which is £10,000 approx) will go to the school.


The school is in such desperate need, especially as numbers continue to increase so I am confident in the knowledge that whatever is raised will make a massive difference. It can be tough giving up presents, finding time to raise money and think of ideas to make money but knowing the difference that even a little can make is certainly what keeps me going.





Onwards and upwards…

Much love always x

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The Cordiner Wedding


Marion Jones is one of my oldest and closest friends. She is one of a kind..beautiful, caring, funny, thoughtful…the list could go on! Even the fact that she still puts up with me (after our first meeting aged 4 at Nursery!) is to her credit! However..she may well disown me when she sees the pictures I’ve posted!!


Interestingly I also met Dave aged 4 at Nursery..and now I feel honoured to be there on their wedding day.


I am really grateful to Marion and Dave for supporting me with Projecthirty by making a donation to help my fundraising campaign as their wedding favours. They also supported Highland Hospice-another cause also close to my heart.


It was a wonderful day and Marion looked absolutely stunning (Dave looked pretty hot too!)

Congrats Mr&Mrs Cordiner and thanks again!

Much love xx


PS If you’d like Projecthirty wedding favours then just let me know. All money raised will go to Kwa Njenga Primary School to build an additional classroom and help them educate the growing numbers of children that are now attending.

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Training begins…

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post every training session I do between now and the event! However, I’m dead chuffed with myself for getting out for a run in what has been nearly a year of no exercise whatsoever!

After weeks of sunshine tonight seemed the perfect night for a run…


…and typically the clouds rolled in and it poured. Nevertheless, seizing the opportunity, while JP was on baby watch, I headed out!


With heavy legs and a few things moving that didn’t used to I was pleased to complete my first run in two parts (as I pressed stop half way round!) managing around 4k in 30mins! Not a PB..but a start!



Join the PROJECTHIRTY team in two weeks @ COLOR ME RAD or sponsor us using the Virgin Giving link on the blog page 🙂

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Ok, I’m back to it!!

Looking for peeps to join the PROJECTHIRTY Team in running a wee 5k in Livingston.

But this is no ordinary 5k…

It’s a COLOR ME RAD event, which means sunglasses, tattoos (temporary obvs!) and colour (of course!).

1. To join the team see picture below for details.
2. To raise money share the PROJECTHIRTY virgin giving page with your pals..
3. Take part in any event and help me raise money in your own way (see wee Rory Wilken who is 5 for inspiration!)

This will be my first run in 10 months…guess you have to start somewhere!!


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The best laid plans..

It’s been a while since I started Projecthirty and, as with most things in life, it hasn’t necessarily gone to plan! I had all my great fundraising ideas in place along with bags of energy and enthusiasm for the project…then all of that changed.

There was a baby on the way!


So the last few months have primarily consisted of work, eat (or at least attempt to!) and sleep…and generally grow a little larger every day!!


Baby Campbell arrived 3 weeks ago and while I’m limited to what I can do for the next few weeks it’s time to get Projecthirty back on track!


Will I manage to reach the goal of £30,000 within my 30th year?? Possibly not but I am still willing to give it my best shot and raise as much as I can..or even continue to raise money into my 31st year. Kwa Njenga Primary School still needs help and that’s what I set out to do. plan!

1. Get my head out of the clouds!
2. Attempt to still run in the Jog Scotland running event.
3. Recruit others to run with me and help raise money too!!

…and that’s it for now! A realistic goal for the time being!

Finally, I want to give massive thanks to my wee pal Rory who, at only 4 years old has been tirelessly climbing hills to help me raise money before he starts school in August.


To follow his adventure see his blog..

..and if you’d like to help Kwa Njenga Primary then please get in touch…I’d love any ideas/support.


PS Blogging will now take place in the middle of the night..ha ha!

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Henry Stanley Haskins

After what I can only describe as a tricky few months I am delighted to be back on my fundraising campaigne…just over 9 months to go! Although my efforts were recently halted, PROJECTHIRTY has always been in my mind as my friends, colleagues and family step up to help me, and ultimately Kwa Njenga Primary School. This is the best way to help, and so as I share the following stories I hope that you too will be inspired and join us in helping Kwa Njenga, in anyway you can!



I love this wee guy! Meet my pal Rory, who is 4 years old. He has decided to help me raise money for PROJECTHIRTY by trying to walk as many Scottish hills as he can before starting school in August. This little legend is now on his his 12th hill and still going strong, even as the Winter months approach! I had the pleasure of joining him on his first challenge..conquering North Berwick Law, and we even had hot chocolate and donuts at the top-amazing! He has also set up a fundraising page which will link with PROJECTHIRTY with the help of Blythswood – it’s really easy and anyone can do it! But, in the meantime hands together for this inspirational kid!
Thanks Rory, you are a star.


This year my school’s pupil council had the difficult job of selecting a charity to support throughout the year through fundraising ventures and events. One of the charity’s selected was PROJECTHIRTY – hooray! (Please note PROJECTHIRTY is technically not a charity but a fundraising campaign, as my husband regularly reminds me, so in this instance it is fundraising for a fundraiser-charity is just easier to understand!)

Having spoken to the children at assembly about life at Kwa Njenga Primary the kids decided to hold a Christmas Cake and Candy sale which takes place to follow! So simple, great fun and a super way to raise money!


Although my PROJECTHIRTY Christmas cards unfortunately never made it to the printers (it really has been a bad few months) that hasn’t stopped friends getting behind the project with several opting to not send Christmas Cards this year and make a donation instead..easy peasy! Thanks everyone 🙂

Donations have also come from leftover drink kitty money! I was very impressed it wasn’t spent (they must have been pretty sloshed to have money that they didn’t want to spend-ha ha!!) and that PROJECTHIRTY was deemed the right place for it to go! Cheers guys.

If you’d like to get involved..bake a cake, host a dinner, run a race, hold an event, make a anything, then just give me a shout!

Much love, cor x


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