The Big 3-0

So why am I doing this?

Generally my chat has been the following…

1. What will I do for my 30th?

2. What will you buy me for my 30th?

3. What do I need to do before I turn 30?

Yes, turning 30 is a big deal – but why? I actually don’t know the answer to this. However, I do remember conversations with friends about hopes and aspirations for the future and I guess 30 was always the marker for this…

“I’ll be married by 30, I’ll have 2.5 kids, I’ll be in my dream job, I’ll have a big house blah blah blah…”

I am not going to lie – I love parties and presents, who doesn’t? But what if thirty could be bigger than that? What if turning 30 could have a lasting impact?

If I think about 30, about me, what I haven’t managed to do, who I haven’t become, what I don’t have it does get me down. But I don’t want 30 to be about me, when I look at what I have got I have enough. I want it to be about using the skills and talents I have gained over the last 30 years to help others, to create something that will have a lasting impact, not just when I am 30 but even when I 40 or, dare I say it, 50!!

This isn’t for everyone, and there is a reason why I feel this way. However, I do believe that 30 can mean so much more than just a depressing age to reach. It can be a time to think about how you can use the knowledge and skills that you have to make an incredible change in someone’s life.
Whether that be taking part in a sponsored event or raising money for a charity that you feel passionate about….or even giving your time to a good cause because its free!

Or you can join with me on my journey, because this year for my birthday I want to raise enough money to build a classroom for the Kwa Njenga Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya. For me, knowing the difference this would make to the teachers and to the children in their care is priceless.

This year it’s going to be a happy 30th – but for a good reason.


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